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Resources to help you hire the right staff

Ageism in the workplace guidance

Acas Business and Management ICAEW 10-04-2019

Ageism is one of the most common forms of unfair workplace treatment. Business & Management shares renewed guidance on the topic issued by Acas.


Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 18-02-2019

This ten minute webinar presented by ACAS, is part of a series on essential employment issues. This webinar covers recruitment.

Seven steps to recruiting the right team

Bethan Ashmead-Latham Business and Management ICAEW 17-05-2018

Clarity of purpose and a rounded approach are essential to good recruitment, finds Bethan Ashmead-Latham.

Hiring a financial director

Business and Management Faculty Business and Management ICAEW 15-07-2015

What’s the best way to find your next FD? Will you recognise the ideal candidate when you meet them? The faculty spoke to a variety of recruitment experts about how to find the perfect fit.

Fit for purpose?

Martin Goodwill Business and Management ICAEW 07-05-2014

Martin Goodwill counts the cost of poor recruitment techniques and outlines the value of assessments in getting the right person for the job