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The five minute sales pitch

If you want to create the perfect elevator pitch for promoting your business when opportunity knocks, Charlie Mellor has some tips.

Does your heart fill with dread when you’re asked “tell me what you do”? Then it’s time to conquer trepidation about self-promotion with a simple strategy that will help you to promote your business effectively – or to sell yourself.

Known as the elevator pitch, the idea is to prepare a compelling 60-second speech that sums up your business in about the time it takes a lift to travel up or down a building. At its heart is the golden rule of simplicity so that your listener can readily engage with what you’re talking about – and hopefully be persuaded into a positive response.

Short and sweet

To lure your audience in, begin with “a very engaging opening line”, says Luisa Baldini, co-founder of Composure Media. “Do not begin with your title,” she adds, as it’s important to give “a little bit of your story” that led you to this point.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 266, July 2018.

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