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Risk management

Resources to help manage risk in your organisation

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Cyber strategy

Neil Hare-Brown looks at the various ways boards should be empowering effective cyber risk management.


Webinars and recordings


Template: risk assessment framework

A risk assessment framework that allows organisations to capture their key risks. It is designed to be a working document that is part of the overall business performance management system.


Information security risk management for ISO 27001/ISO 27002 (3rd edition)

This book draws on emerging national and international best practice around risk management and has been written to provide detailed and practical guidance to information security and risk management teams on how to develop and implement a risk assessment and risk management process that will be in line with the requirements of ISO 27001.

Practice aid: Enterprise Risk Management: Guidance For Practical Implementation and Assessment

This publication gives guidance for anyone responsible for or advising on an enterprise risk management process (ERM), This resource will help ensure the ERM process is well designed, well executed, and ultimately successful. Provides illustrative examples, best practices, and guidance for implementing or assessing an enterprise risk management process.

Managing commodity price risk: a supply chain perspective

Managing price volatility from a US perspective.

Supply chain risk management: tools for analysis

Guide to risk management for supply chains from a US perspective.

Financial risk manager handbook

For candidates studying for the Global Association of Risk Professionals annual FRM exams

Managing business risk: a practical guide to protecting your business

A guide to all major topics of concern for risk management.

Industry press

Diversification - is it sufficient for effective portfolio risk management?

The article explores whether diversification is enough for effective portfolio risk management in practice. Topics include diversifying one's investments doesn't increase the level of expected returns, but rather it provides a more acceptable actual outcome.

Managing 21st century political risk

This article states that despite political risks coming from a wide array of potential threats , effective risk management is still fairly straightforward. The authors outline what each of four competencies (understanding risk; analyzing risk; mitigating risk; responding to crises) entail, providing questions that every organization can ask to identify gaps, along with case studies that illustrate how companies have successfully addressed real-world political threats.

Maximise productivity and minimise risk with mobile management

As business becomes increasingly mobile, we look at the latest trends in mobile device management. The article focuses on analysis of approaches regarding administration of mobile device management with enterprise mobility management (EMM).

How risk management can enable growth

The article presents a study on the importance of risk management to promote sustainable long-term corporate growth. It cites the factors that drive efficient growth, including capital allocation, research & development portfolios, and mergers and acquisitions deals. It explores the benefits of using the enterprise risk management (ERM) program to combat risk aversion.