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Brexit eye part 3

The main party leaders have made their pitch to business but it’s the business of Brexit that continues to dominate, says Peter Taylor-Whiffen

Brexit walks into a bar and the barman says: “Why the long farce?”

That joke may (or may not) raise a smile but, as we approach the General Election, it’s worth remembering that this ‘long farce’ has largely been down to the unreliability of voters to do what you expect.

Consider this: If David Cameron had taken the threat of a Leave outcome more seriously, the country might have voted Remain; if Michael Gove had been more realistic about his chances in the Tory leadership election, he might not have run against Boris Johnson and Johnson might have become PM five months ago; and if Theresa May had not woefully misjudged the level of Tory support when she unilaterally decided to go to the country in 2017, she might have maintained a sufficient majority to vote through at least some form of EU divorce deal. In any of these scenarios, Brexit would almost certainly have been either forgotten or done by now.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 280, December 2019/January 2020.

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