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Practical guides and reports on internal audit

An up-to-date list of the best practical guides and reports on internal guide that have been published by ICAEW.

A guide to operational resilience

A guide on what organisations need to do to design and embed a framework to deliver operational resilience, including guidance on how to audit operational resilience. The first of two papers on operational resilience for internal audit teams.

Improve your organisation's level of assurance

ICAEW’s Internal Audit Panel has identified eight risk areas where boards and audit committees should be asking themselves whether they are receiving the objective assurance they need amid increased public scrutiny.

How to audit change

Change is a feature of doing business, but managing it successfully can be complex. This guide outlines how internal audit can help project managers implement changes by adopting good practices throughout the project life cycle.

How to audit the cloud

Cloud computing is transforming business IT services, but it also poses significant risks that need to be planned for. This practical guide for internal audits outlines how they should assess risk management.

How to audit culture

This practical guide outlines the eight steps to follow to conduct a successful internal audit of culture.

How do you audit a robot?

Guidance for internal auditors on how to provide assurance over the key risks involved in implementing robotic process automation (RPA).

Internal Audit related assurance maps

In applying the principles of Assurance mapping it is often the case that, in practice, there is no individual within the organisation who has the relevant skills to start the process. It may also be the case that the Head of Internal Audit wants to help kick-start the process in order to showcase what can be achieved with assurance mapping.