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Questions to ask to help your business

Beth Ashmead Latham discovers what it takes to ask the best questions to help your business thrive.

The oil that lubricates good decision making is information. Finding that invaluable well among your team takes more than just asking questions. It requires really good questions that will stretch their abilities in pursuit of the very best solutions.

Good questions are a common feature among high performers, according to TED Talks by both Dr David Stork, research director at tech company Rambus Labs, and Mike Vaughan, director and CEO of The Regis Company.

Stork references the influential electronic engineer Harry Nyquist, who “drew people out, got them thinking”. Vaughan explains that even when people have more information and resources, decision-making was still impaired by a tendency to guess.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 267, September 2018.

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