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Latest articles and other resources

Eight lessons from the Senior Managers and Certification Regime Stocktake

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In August 2019 the Financial Conduct Authority published a stocktake report of the embedding of the SMCR in banks since it was first introduced in 2016. We highlight lessons from the review accompanied by a range of resources for tackling the challenges it presents.

Faculty Events and webinars

Stay up-to-date with the fast moving world of financial services by attending webinars and events from the Financial Services Faculty

CASS Working Party 2019 message

The ICAEW Financial Service Faculty’s CASS working party focuses on the challenges that the sector (both regulated firms and their auditors) faces. Part of the working party’s role is to maintain the regulatory conversation with the FCA. It is in this capacity that we would like to pass on a message from the FCA

Accounting for change with the libor transition

With the London interbank offered rate being replaced with the sterling overnight index average (or, SONIA), John Mongelard looks at the impact of the Libor transition on hedge accounting

FS Focus: December 2019

The December issue of FS Focus will be the last-ever print issue, with the magazine being replaced by online-only Banking Focus, Insurance Focus and Investment Management Focus next year.

Working towards a green society

Long-standing CEO of Ecology Building Society, Paul Ellis, talks to Chris Evans about a range of green issues, from the impact of Extinction Rebellion and fracking in Argentina to a newly-set-up green finance task force

Playing the imitation game with challenger banks

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While imitation is said to be the greatest form of flattery, Starling Bank’s Anne Boden explains how the challenger bank is leading the way with innovation

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