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Initial public offerings

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Future IPO analysis

Expected growth in emerging market exchanges has been reined in, according to a survey of global executives’ expectations by the Economist Intelligence Unit and PwC. Are developed market exchanges more resilient than we thought?

Perspective on prospectus rules

The updated EU-wide Prospectus Regulation came into force in July 2019. How many of the rules the UK retains post-Brexit, however, remains to be seen. Christine Phillips outlines the key changes writing for the Corporate Finance Faculty.

Lets get together

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Uncertainty has led to stagnation in IPOs over the past 12 months, but small-cap advisers have been challenged for far longer than that. Grant Murgatroyd, writing for the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty looks at why quoted company advisers are hooking up with each other – and if consolidation will lead to long-term relationships.

AIM market analysis

The AIM market is going through a protracted death, says columnist Jon Moulton, yet British politicians have not understood that this is a long-term problem, and few have seemed to care. So what’s the solution?

Making sure your IT delivers

For companies looking to list or those listed that are undertaking major acquisitions and divestments, ensuring IT will deliver on the increasing requirements for financial position and prospects procedures is a crucial consideration.

Our creative powerhouse

The creative industries are the heart (and soul) of the UK’s culture, its international reputation and some of its most exciting businesses, says Shaun Beaney. They are the subject of a new guide by ICAEW and the Creative Industries Federation.

Dangers lurking

Equity markets around the world are undergoing turbulent times in the wake of the storms that engulfed the global economy. For private equity-backed businesses looking to list, it is far from straightforward. Is this the market’s fault or a systemic problem for portfolio companies?