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The future is unwritten

We are (finally) into the last month of campaigning for the UK general election. I think it is fair to say that the protracted 100-day battle for the keys to 10 Downing Street has failed to shed any greater light on what can be expected of the potential residents.

It is certainly not made any clearer once the different house-sharing permutations are thrown into the equation.

In this month’s issue we look at an area of government policy that has a big impact on the public and the economy, as well as on many of our members – infrastructure. Demand from overseas investors for the UK’s roads, railways, power stations, flood defences, windfarms, and hospitals has probably never been greater. As we see in this month’s cover story (page 18-23), the lack of supply is driving up the prices of those assets, which are sources of pretty reliable income and profits.

But the UK needs to invest heavily in its infrastructure. Last month, the National Audit Office published a briefing paper: The Choice of Finance for Capital Investment. After a boost to publicly-funded infrastructure investment immediately following the credit crunch, the level of investment has since fallen.

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