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Home and away

Having sold five businesses to international corporates in the past two years, Ashley Broomberg shares tips for attracting overseas interest.

In the past 25 years the UK SME landscape has changed dramatically. It now boasts best-in-class businesses with genuine international reach – be they world-class engineering companies or innovators – and new approaches to disrupting markets. But it was certainly not always so. In many cases, working with private equity has enabled fledgling businesses to scale up into SMEs operating globally, and to move into position to attract international corporates.

Having sold nine businesses in the last two years, five to international buyers, my firm Mobeus Equity Partners, has some insight into how international buyers operate. Although growth rates are low, the UK is currently the fastest-growing economy in the EU.

Cash-rich corporates – particularly acquisitive US businesses – are willing to acquire UK businesses to provide them with a stepping stone into the European market.

Such acquirers will always have different drivers, but there are some common themes for international buyers when looking at businesses. So what should SMEs do to attract interest and maximise value in such deals?

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