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Variety show

Communicating private equity to a public market investment audience is always an enlightening process for both sides. This is an ongoing challenge for LPEQ and its members, says CEO Andrea Lowe

The Association of Listed Private Equity Companies (LPEQ) held its annual investor conference in London at the start of the summer. It is an event that neither preaches to the converted, nor becomes too absorbed in technical nuances or heavy marketing. It provides an opportunity to discuss the asset class with an educated and financially literate audience, whose previous experience of private equity may have been limited.

Conor Kehoe, founder of McKinsey’s investor industry practice, was our keynote speaker. As an adviser to a large Canadian pension fund, he said the preoccupations among large institutional investors tend to be about how to get “more exposure to this sector, rather than whether the returns are adequate for the risks.

Certainly, access to the best funds is back on the agenda. Publicly-traded private equity companies have access to some of the world’s elite managers and LP funds – so for stock market investors, access is not such a huge issue. And as more existing private equity managers seek to launch listed vehicles, this choice will only grow

A recurrent theme through the conference were the many idiosyncrasies within the private equity market.

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