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Death from above

Drones are employed by a Big Four firm. But, Jon Moulton asks, should we be carrying out higher-level reviews or getting a bit closer?

A Financial Times article recently informed me that PwC had launched a drones business at its Polish operation. Obviously, this brings a whole new meaning to performing a ‘high-level’ review.

Apparently, drones will be deployed instead of people “hanging from ropes”, which is a situation for auditors I have previously only fantasised about – and I earnestly hope I see it at least once before
such technology takes off.

In fairness, though, it seems that drone technology is, somewhat disappointingly, to be used only in the construction industry initially. But given time, I can imagine an auditor sitting at home with a remote control, while a much cheaper drone carries out the physical bits of a stock take.

Dictionary definitions for the word drone still reflect a former, less technological world, but could also be applied to the world of auditing.

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