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Chair articles

Articles and features on the role and responsibilities of the chair of a company board

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9 Traits of an effective Audit Committee

Corporate Governance Community Corporate Governance Community Newsletter September 2018

Having an effective Audit Committee is essential for good corporate governance as it leads on financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and external audit functions.

Conflict and tension in the boardroom

The good, the bad and the ugly sides of boardroom conflict and tension.

Disputes on boards

It is a fact of life that disputes arise on boards, no matter the size of the organisation or whether the members of the board are paid non-executives or unpaid volunteers.

What makes a good chairman?

Frank Lewis, independent non-executive director and chairman, and Dr Sarah Blackburn, Managing Director, the Wayside Network explore what makes an effective chairman.

Defining and fulfilling the key roles on the board

How effective do you think your board is? Judy Delaforce describes what a fully effective board is and how to achieve it.

Non-Executive Directors in Europe

The EU has surveyed the extent to which Member States have applied the Commission’s recommendations on the independence of non-executive directors and potential conflicts of interest. January 2008.

Company law

Changes outlined in the Companies Act 2006 brings about new rights and obligations. October 2008.