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Chair articles

Articles and features on the role and responsibilities of the chair of a company board

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ICAEW announces new Regulatory Board Chair

ICAEW Insights

Philip Nicol-Gent has stepped up to the role of Chair of the ICAEW Regulatory Board with immediate effect after his predecessor in the role, Jenny Watson CBE, was forced to stand down for unforeseen personal reasons after just two months in the role.

Diverse boards lead to success

Why are black women largely absent?

ICAEW regulatory round-up: October 2021

ICAEW Insights

This month’s regulatory content includes guidance on the audit of going concern, a focus on the money laundering reporting officer role and news of a new ICAEW Regulatory Board chair.

ICAEW Regulatory Board appoints new Chair

ICAEW Insights

Following an open and competitive recruitment process conducted by the Regulatory and Conduct Appointments Committee, Jenny Watson CBE has been appointed as the new lay chair of the ICAEW Regulatory Board.

9 Traits of an effective Audit Committee

Corporate Governance Community Corporate Governance Community Newsletter September 2018

Having an effective Audit Committee is essential for good corporate governance as it leads on financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and external audit functions.

Conflict and tension in the boardroom

The good, the bad and the ugly sides of boardroom conflict and tension.

What makes a good chairman?

Frank Lewis, independent non-executive director and chairman, and Dr Sarah Blackburn, Managing Director, the Wayside Network explore what makes an effective chairman.