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Building trust in business through stakeholders and better reporting

The 2018 PwC Building Public Trust Awards took as their theme ‘celebrating openness’

In his speech at the Awards ceremony in October, our Chairman and Senior Partner Kevin Ellis focused on “… the economic necessity of creating a more open and diverse workplace”. With 18% of employees actively disengaged from their work according to a recent Gallup poll, Kevin was clear that “… people have to be retrained for the benefit of business”. “With that comes a societal opportunity…” leading to “positivity around business [that] could help to rebuild trust”.

As PwC’s corporate reporting team, we couldn’t agree more. Kevin went on to note that “… business can tell its story better…” and that’s the agenda we have been working on for over 16 years, since the start of the Building Public Trust Awards. In those days, Enron and Worldcom were the names on everyone’s lips; today the names have changed but corporate failures and scandals still drive calls for reform in corporate governance and reporting.