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Auditing if there is no Brexit deal

The UK government has published a technical notice on Auditing if there’s no Brexit deal, providing guidance on the implications for auditors should the UK leave the EU without a deal.

Our guide helps you navigate through guidance from the UK, European Commission (EC) and Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and assess what it might mean for you. It focuses in particular on audit firm registration issues.

Some of these considerations may also be relevant if there is a deal. Government guidance continues to evolve on a wide range of topics. For further information on this see our guide Government guidance on Brexit and our guide to Accounting if there is no Brexit deal.

How does Brexit affect audits?

Auditing if there is no Brexit deal

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There are a range of implications that auditors should be aware of, in addition to audit firm registration issues. These include:

  • Brexit-related risks: Auditors will need to consider how Brexit-related risks could impact the entity they are auditing. Our guide provides a framework for that analysis.
  • Corporate reporting: Where Brexit may have a material impact on a business’s activities or position, it is important that this is reflected appropriately in corporate reporting. Our guide helps auditors consider how to approach their review of financial statements in the run-up to Brexit.
  • Auditing standards: Brexit will have implications for a variety of auditing standards, including going concern and reporting. Read our guide to help you navigate through those implications.