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Read our business guidance for how to prepare for Brexit.

Brexit eye - September 2020

Peter Taylor-Whiffen Business and Management 15-09-2020

Challenges facing UK businesses trade with Europe

Brexit checklist


Read our quick-start guide, outlining a variety of areas that could impact your business post Brexit, to help you prepare for when the transition period has ended.

Managing and forecasting cash


Cash flow and financial management present challenges to businesses of all sizes. This page offers practical advice on how to manage and forecast your cash flow.

Export finance


Use our selection of books, guides, useful links, books and articles to find more information on export finance.

Inventory planning and Brexit


Brexit provides an opportunity for businesses to consider the information they hold on their supply chains/inventory as well as their approach to continuity planning. Read our guide to assist you in balancing the costs of these exercises with the potential benefits.