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Goods, capital, data and services/people

Find out the implications of Brexit on goods, services and people, capital as well as data.

EU law and business: implications of Brexit


Much Brexit guidance is concerned mainly with trade in goods, but there are a variety of other areas of EU law that also affect business. This guide gives you a framework to understand these implications.

Trading models after Brexit


ICAEW guide intended to help you understand how Brexit might impact on trade between the UK and the EU and the rest of the world. Our guide is aimed at ICAEW members in exporting or importing businesses or advisors to those businesses.

The impact of Brexit on data protection

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Technical Strategy Department 06-09-2019

Find out why Brexit could impact data protection and how you can prepare.

Goods: how to deal with a border


An ICAEW–CAI guide aimed at businesses with no experience of customs formalities. It will help you understand the implications for trading across a border, with a focus on the Ireland-UK border.