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Economic Insight webinars

Produced in collaboration with Oxford economics, these quarterly webinars take stock of current events in the UK economy, drawing from the latest findings of the ICAEW Economic Update: UK and ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor.

Q1 2019: Approaching a post-Brexit world: where stands the UK economy?

With uncertainty over when (or even if) the UK will leave the EU, this webinar will explore how the economy is bearing up under Brexit uncertainty and present our predictions of how Brexit’s next steps will pan out politically and economically.

Q4 2018: Economic Insight end of year review - Budget, Brexit and Business confidence

Martin Beck, Senior Economist at Oxford Economics joins us again to discuss the events of the past year and give insight into the possibilities in store for the 2019 economy.

Q3 2018: Autumn Economic Weather Forecast

After an unambiguously good summer, weather-wise, the picture for the UK economy remains much more mixed. Join us as we outline how we think the economy will pan out over the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.

Q2 2018: End of Term Economic Report Card

Martin Beck, Oxford Economics and Simon Thompson, ICAEW sum up the key economic events and trends of the first half of 2018, touching on topics such as; the current economic outlook, Brexit landscape, monetary policy and the latest findings of the Q2 ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor.

Q1 2018: Is a rise in interest of interest to businesses?

Expectations are building over an interest rate hike announcement coinciding with the Bank of England’s next inflation report due in May. The Bank’s latest commentary has suggested the rise in rates will be faster than anticipated by markets and firms. Martin Beck, Oxford Economics and Simon Thompson, ICAEW discuss how businesses have responded to the latest rate hike alongside the broader issue of the strength of the UK economy and the recent findings of the Q1 ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor.

Q4 2017: Autumn Budget 2017: What does the future hold for the UK Economy?

Hear what the key announcements were and the potential implications they have for the UK economy.

Following the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Autumn Budget on November 22nd, ICAEW’s Simon Thompson and Senior Economist at Oxford Economics, Martin Beck discuss some of the key announcements and the potential implications they have for the UK economy in the midst of Brexit negotiations.

Q3 2017: A Tale of Two Economies

What are the prospects for the UK and Eurozone economies as the global economic recovery gathers pace and Brexit starts to become reality?

ICAEW and Oxford Economics come together to share their perspectives on the UK economic outlook following last month’s General Election and on the Eurozone economy as it builds momentum after several slow years.