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Chairmans' welcome

It only seems like yesterday that I was writing the introduction to the last newsletter and since then we have been through the testing time of tax return deadline season; a Budget and our annual CAAV dinner!

Whilst there was little of direct relevance to the farming and rural sector, the news that CGT rates were dropping to 10%/20% from 18%/28% was a welcome relief for those with asset sales in the offing, especially given the current difficult times that farmers face (although residential property CGT will stay at the previous rates due to a surcharge of 8% - the current government does appear to see residential property letting as a particular dis-incentive to the free market and continues to discriminate with a raft of new changes coming in from SDLT surcharges to restriction of finance interest!).  

I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.  As always, the articles are put together by volunteers…if you want to contribute an article please do send it in, as we are always looking for more contributors!