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December 2018 RPA update – Breaking news

On 6 December the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) published an update detailing the payments which will be issued in December/January 2018.

A copy of this update will be a useful point of reference for practitioners. It confirms that the December payments will include both 2018 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) claims and payment for previous claim queries (which for some clients may cover multiple years).. Payments will be made from 1st December and will be followed by a remittance advice showing the amount paid and what it relates to, and the update also explains what do do if monies received cannot be reconciled. Any claimants who will not be paid in December will receive an explanation of the delay.

The update also tabulates the payments made per hectare for each land type, together with the relevant Euro exchange rate and the Financial Discipline Mechanism reduction which applies to claims over 2000 Euros. Typically a lowland UK claimant will receive about £231/Ha before FDM reduction.