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Europe sleepwalking into food crisis

Independent agricultural consultant Robin Limb looks at the problems with trusting mother nature when it comes to feeding the increasing European population.

Accountants are normally well versed in the financial, fiscal and legal problems which confront their farming clients. However, unless they are involved in agronomy to an unusual depth they may not appreciate some of the practical issues which may arise. One of these, which has arisen in the last few years and is starting to cause real problems, is the move to ban some of the most common and effective agricultural chemicals.

Many people are opposed to the cultivation of genetically modified crops and think they are injurious to human health, despite no proven risks over the past 30 years. An increasing number are opposed to the use of agro-chemicals in food production, and believe there are ‘natural’ alternatives. Both of these beliefs are not just worrying – they are highly risky in terms of our food supply and security.