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Interview with the Chair

Aloysia Daros answers economia's questions.

Our chair was recently interviewed for “Economia” on the topic of how the farming industry is reacting to new technology. Since the topic is of specific relevance to those involved in the sector as well as of more general interest, the interview notes are reproduced below:

Traditional farms are in a “push-pull” relationship with technology. On the one hand they are being pushed by government, via online BPS and CSS forms, email, self-assessment and Making Vat Digital, and being pushed by suppliers since each new generation of machinery has more technology inbuilt. On the other hand farmers are seeing their neighbours enjoying the advantages which technology can bring in terms of financial savings, better management information, easier compliance and, frankly, some tasks just being made quicker and easier, all of which pulls them down the technology route. A study by DEFRA issued in April showed that 54% had already introduced innovation on their farms over the last year and a further 33% were planning to do so within the next 12 months – so one way and another technology is being embraced.