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Lamma 2019

In the tenth of its half yearly surveys of attitudes in the farming sector, MHA asked a sample of visitors at the Lamma event on 8th-9th January how they felt about various current issues.

The survey follows on from similar sampling at Lamma and Cereals over the last five years and on this occasion includes responses from farmers occupying well over 50000 acres. 

The general “feel good” factor which had been identified over the last twelve months continued to be present. Once again, when attendees were asked for a prediction of business growth in the next 12 months, two thirds felt that there would be moderate or high growth in their businesses this year. This was a slightly higher proportion than had been the case at Cereals six months previously. Strangely, the level of optimism at Lamma has often tended to be slightly higher than at Cereals – possibly because harvest results are known and the level of uncertainty is lower.