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Speaking from the chair

As I write my second foreword from the chair, I am reassured to see that at least 50% of my predictions in the first foreword have proven accurate.

I was absolutely correct when I said that “By the time we go to press, the country could be heading for a hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no Brexit, second referendum, general election or any combination of these” and I can confidently reiterate it. My other assertion that “What I can predict with confidence, is that by the time this newsletter is published, the position will have moved on considerably from where it is in early January" was perhaps less accurate, and is not one I would wish to repeat.

More seriously, looking ahead to the summer, our industry continues to face challenges on many fronts. The government is proposing tenancy reform for both the agricultural and residential sectors and there will be few of our clients who are not effected by this one way or another. We must hope that the law of unintended consequences does not come into play too dramatically on this initiative.