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The view from the chair July 2020

In the words of a Times journalist recently, “life is changing so fast that six week old data might as well be a cave painting”. I feel that writing a “view from the chair” is sometimes a bit like that.

In the course of producing the last edition, there were no less than three rewrites of my article between first draft and publication. As I write this in early June, we have had the first rain for several weeks, COVID-19 lockdown is starting to be relaxed and trading negotiations with the EU are standing at something of an impasse. By the time this pops into your inbox those three prime determinants of agricultural profitability could all have changed radically. Once again, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

What I can predict is that the post COVID world will look different. As accountants, our working lives are likely to change in at least three ways: