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Financial Reporting Faculty Events 2019

Keep up to date with the latest changes in IFRS, UK GAAP and financial reporting policy with our range of events.

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Access to webinars is included within membership of the Financial Reporting Faculty and is also available to Faculties Online Subscribers. Members also benefit from exclusive discounts on other events, including the annual financial reporting conference and Essentials CPD updates.

Bitesize Briefings

New for 2019, the faculty has launched a range of short (15-20 minute) lunchtime webcasts. Access is included within membership for all faculty members and subscribers, with some briefings also open to non-members.  Recordings will be available to faculty members and subscribers and where applicable, non-members who register for the event.

Date and Time Title Accessibility Booking
26 Mar, 13:00 Introducing the Financial Reporting Lab
Open to all  Watch the recording
08 May, 13:00 What makes up an annual report?
Open to all
Watch the recording
04 July, 13:00
Performance metrics
Exclusive to faculty members Watch the recording
09 Sep, 13:00 FRS 105 - answering your questions Exclusive to faculty members Book online
04 Oct, 14:00
Technology in corporate reporting Open to all
Book online
06 Nov, 13:00  IFRS 16 - What do I need to know? Open to all
Book online
18 Nov, 13:00 IBOR reform: financial reporting implications – part 1 Open to all Online booking available shortly
02 Dec, 13:00
Climate and workforce reporting Exclusive to faculty members
Online booking available shortly
09 Dec, 13:00 IBOR reform: financial reporting implications – part 2 Exclusive to faculty members Online booking available shortly


Financial Reporting Faculty members and Faculties Online  subscribers can access webinars as part of their membership. Non-members pay for registration. Details of further webinars will be added as they become available.

Date Title Booking
24 Jan Narrative reporting
Watch the recording
21 Feb Streamlined energy and carbon reporting
Watch the recording
21 Mar Hot topics in UK GAAP
Watch the recording
18 Apr FRS 105 The micro-entities regime – all you need to know Watch the recording
23 May IFRS 16 Leases – the impact Watch the recording
20 Jun IFRS update Watch the recording
18 Jul ESEF – understanding the controversy
Watch the recording
12 Sept Narrative reporting - part 2 Book online
17 Oct UK GAAP Triennial review amendments - are you ready? Book online
14 Nov Looking ahead – hop topics and tips for the 2019/20 reporting season Book online
12 Dec Tax implications of IFRS 15 Revenue and IFRS 16 Leases Book online

If you missed a live event, recordings of previous webinars can be accessed here.

Financial Reporting Conference

Our popular annual conference will be held on 10 October 2019. This conference is suitable for both UK GAAP and IFRS reporters and for those in practice and in business. Covering all the latest developments in corporate reporting.

Date Title Booking
10 Oct Financial Reporting Conference 2019, London Book online

Essentials CPD 2019: Accounting / Financial Reporting Update (Autumn)

Formerly part of the Financial Reporting Essentials Roadshow, these  essential CPD updates will cover changes made to FRS 102 and FRS 105 following the triennial review. Using examples and case studies, this seminar will take a practical look at the opportunities and pitfalls of transition for entities small, medium or large, and even micro companies.

Key outcomes:

  • Understand the headline changes to FRS 102 and FRS 105.
  • Learn the pitfalls and opportunities of first time application of the amendments.
  • Understand the option for accounting for intangible assets and goodwill.
  • Understand the impact for charities, pension schemes and LLPs, and the changing SORPs.
  • Understand the changes to disclosure for micro-entities in FRS 105.

London and South East

Date Location Booking
08 Oct Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Southampton Book online
14 Oct Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Exeter Book online
01 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, London
Book online

South West

Date Location Booking
28 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Bristol Book online

North West

Date Location Booking
06 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Preston  Book online
30 Sept Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Liverpool
Book online
14 Oct Accounting/Financial Reporting update,  Manchester
Book online

Northern England

Date Location Booking
18 Oct Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Durham Book online
01 Oct Accounting/Financial Reporting update Leeds Book online
28 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Penrith
Book online

Midlands/West Midlands

Date Location Booking
23 Sept Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Birmingham Book online
24 Sept Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Derby Book online

East England/ East Anglia

Date Location Booking
04 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Norwich Book online
05 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Ipswitch Book online
11 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Cambridge
Book online

East Midlands

Date Location Booking
06 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Leicester Book online


Date Location Booking
13 Nov Accounting/Financial Reporting update, Sheffield Book online