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Financial Reporting Faculty Events 2020

Covering IFRS, UK GAAP and policy topics, the Financial Reporting Faculty hosts events throughout the year to help members stay up to date. Our programme of live webinars come with the opportunity to ask speakers questions while Bitesize Briefings are short, convenient webcasts. The one-day flagship conference features presentations on the corporate reporting issues of the day from an array of expert speakers. Faculty members also benefit from discounts on ICAEW’s Essentials CPD seminars and courses from the Academy of Professional Development.

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The Financial Reporting Faculty’s programme of hour-long webinars are exclusively available to faculty members, Faculties Online and International Standards subscribers. Designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments in corporate reporting, our interactive webinars allow you to ask the presenters’ questions. Presentation slides and other related resources can also be downloaded.

Recordings of previous webinars, can be accessed here.

Date Title Booking
16 Jan Highlights and FAQs from the Autumn Financial Reporting Roadshows
Watch the recording
06 Feb Demystifying the Task Force for Climate-related Disclosures’ (TCFD) recommendations
Watch the recording
19 Mar UK GAAP update
Watch the recording
01 Apr Bitesize Briefing: Financial reporting implications of COVID-19 Watch the recording
16 Apr Bitesize Briefing: COVID 19 and post balance sheet events Watch the recording
27 Apr Bitesize Briefing: Accounting for COVID-19 support schemes Watch the recording
30 Apr Energy and Carbon reporting
Watch the recording
04 May Bitesize Briefing: Financial reporting implications of COVID-19 for micro-entities Watch the recording
05 June Bitesize Briefing: COVID-19 and impairment of assets Watch the recording
16 Jun Bitesize Briefing: IFRS 16 Leases and the COVID-19-related rent concessions amendment
Watch the recording
18 Jun IFRS update Watch the recording
10 Jul IFRS Standards and climate-related disclosures Watch the recording
20 Jul European Single Electronic Format – an update Watch the recording
17 Sep IFRS 16 Leases – implementation and recent developments
Watch the recording
21 Sep Interest rate benchmark reform: accounting and financial reporting (hosted by the Financial Services Faculty)
Watch the recording
22 Oct Narrative reporting part 3
Watch the recording
30 Oct Going concern event: Impairment of assets and asset valuations
Watch the recording
30 Oct Going concern event: Preparing and auditing going concern  Watch the recording
30 Oct Going concern event: Common COVID-19 accounting issues
Watch the recording
30 Oct Going concern event: Common COVID-19 auditing issues
Watch the recording
19 Nov IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts for non-insurers Watch the recording
07 Dec Preparing for the 2020/21 reporting season
Watch the recording
17 Dec Contract modifications under IFRS
Watch online

Members’ Event - Going concern and resilience: lessons learned from COVID-19

Held on 30 October 2020, this virtual half-day event explored what has been learnt from the COVID-19 crisis and how these lessons can be used to plan for and mitigate risks in the future. Watch the recordings to find out how reporters and auditors can contribute to strengthening business resilience.

With a focus on going concern and resilience, the event featured a keynote speech from Mark Babington, the newly-appointed Executive Director of Regulatory Standards at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and a debate with panellists from across the financial reporting and audit ecosystem to discuss experiences from the crisis. Technical presentations and Q&A sessions also covered going concern, impairment, and common COVID-19 accounting and audit issues.

Date Title Booking
30 October 2020 Going concern and resilience: lessons learned from COVID-19  Watch the event videos 

ICAEW’s Essentials CPD Roadshows

As part of ICAEW’s range of Essentials CPD series, the Accounting/Financial Reporting update course is aimed at all accountants preparing accounts under UK GAAP. Covering new and topical issues, it is suitable for all entities whether micro, small, medium or large. With UK GAAP being based on the international accounting standard for small and medium-sized entities (IFRS for SMEs), the course will also touch upon the latest developments in IFRS. 

The Autumn programme has now been launched, which will continue to be delivered virtually in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Core titles from the Essentials CPD range, including the Accounting/Financial Reporting update seminar, are being delivered by live webinar with recordings available to watch on-demand subsequently.

For bookings made before 28 December 2020, a discount of 75% on the individual delegate rate continues to be available.

Details of the Autumn programme can be found here.

For the full range of Essentials CPD courses, please visit icaew.com/essentialscpd