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Getting the most out of the IFRS Standards Navigator

As a member of the Financial Reporting Faculty you have immediate premium access to the digital versions of all of the most up to date material issued by the IFRS Foundation.

To get the most out of the IFRS Standards Navigator (the Navigator), we strongly recommend that each time you login to access Financial Reporting Faculty content, you also login to the Navigator via the faculty’s access page. This will ensure seamless transition to the Navigator hosted on the IFRS Foundation’s website.

More about IFRS Standards Navigator

Premium access to the IFRS Standards Navigator provides you with digital access to:

  • The full text, the online equivalent of the printed bound volume, of the most up to date versions of all the current IFRSs, IASs and Interpretations including accompanying documents (illustrative examples, implementation guidance and bases for conclusions).
  • Any post bound volume pronouncements, so that you can stay completely up to date.
  • IFRS Foundation educational material including summaries and user guides on the official text of each IFRS and IAS, with extensive hyperlinked cross-references and annotations, including relevant IFRS Interpretations Committee Agenda Decisions.
  • The latest version of translated IFRSs and IASs.
  • The full text of the IFRS Foundation Constitution and Due Process Handbook, the IASB’s Conceptual Framework and a glossary.

Introducing the Navigator

Watch this short video to discover the features of the IFRS Standards Navigator including how to customise your experience.

Access the Navigator

Log-in to the IFRS Standards Navigator via the faculty’s access page.

Standards tracker and the Navigator

Standards are regularly updated and amended which can make it difficult to identify which version of the standard is required for a particular reporting period. The standards tracker is a unique tool developed by the Financial Reporting Faculty to help you find the version you need, with direct links to the IFRS Standards Navigator.