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IFRS 14 summary and timeline

A summary of IFRS 14 Regulatory Deferral Accounts, including information on current proposals and a timeline of past amendments, announcements, exposure drafts and consultations.


Looking for the standard?

Practical guidance on this standard is now on our main IFRS 14 Regulatory Deferral Accounts page, with links to eIFRS, the full text standard, eBooks and other resources.

IFRS 14 is an interim standard, applicable to first-time adopters of IFRS that provide goods or services to customers at a price or rate that is subject to rate regulation by the government eg the supply of gas or electricity.

Rate regulation ensures that specified costs are recovered by the supplier, and that prices charged to customers are fair. These twin objectives mean that prices charged to customers at a particular time do not necessarily cover the costs incurred by the supplier at that time. In this case, the recovery of such costs is deferred and they are recognised through future sales.

IFRS does not have specific requirements in respect of accounting for this mismatch, however established practice is that amounts are recognised in profit or loss as they arise.

In some jurisdictions, however, local GAAP allows or requires a supplier of rate-regulated activities to recognise costs to be recovered either as a separate regulatory deferral account or as part of the cost of a related asset.

The IASB is involved in a comprehensive project to address this issue; until this project is completed, IFRS 14 permits first-time adopters of IFRS to continue to recognise amounts related to rate regulation in accordance with their previous GAAP when they adopt IFRS.

Current proposals

In January 2021 the Board issued ED/2021/1 Regulatory Assets and Regulatory Liabilities. This proposes that companies are required to report regulatory assets and liabilities and regulatory income and expenses in their financial statements in order to help investors better assess future cash flows. If finalised as an IFRS Standard, the proposals would replace IFRS 14.


Date Update
28 January 2021 IASB proposes new IFRS Standard to give investors a more complete picture of the financial performance of rate-regulated companies
The proposed standard will replace IFRS 14. See the Exposure Draft Regulatory Assets and Regulatory Liabilities.
30 January 2014 IASB issues IFRS 14
Effective for annual periods starting on or after 1 January 2016.