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Information for markets and society

Information for markets and society, published in November 2005, analyses the role of information in public policy and sets out a model - the Information for Better Markets Framework - for analysing public policy questions.

Information for markets and society

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About the report

Information for markets and society looks at examples of information failure in public policy, and puts forward some ideas for discussion on how the quality of information could be improved so as to increase the effectiveness of public policy design and delivery.

These include a suggestion that every public policy proposal should include an information plan, and a list of attributes of useful information that are relevant to deciding whether information meets the tests of being fit for purpose and cost-effective.

The report also suggests that many problems of regulatory overload, especially perceptions of red tape, are attributable to poorly designed information requirements, which impose excessive systems costs on the regulated.

Comments on the report are requested.

For printed copies of either the full report or the executive summary, please call +44 (0)20 7920 8634.

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