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The motives behind supporting those returning to work after a career break

Paid returnship trials are proving all the rage in financial services. Nick Huber explores whether they are more about good PR for employers than addressing the gender imbalance.

Returnships image - Sep 2019 FS FocusWhen Hanika Suri left a stressful management job at a large bank to start a family, she was excited to begin a career break. But after a couple of months she felt bored. “Raising a child is a wonderful thing but part of me longed to experience the buzz of my career again,” she says.

A friend told her about a paid, three-month return to work scheme by EY, specifically for those who have had career breaks. Suri got a place with EY Reconnect, which includes inductions and coaching to help participants transition. She worked in the Big Four firm’s transaction business and is now a manager in the unit, which advises companies on strategy and mergers and acquisitions.