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Latest update on filing a qualified Accountant’s Report

Author: Solicitors Community

Published: 27 Oct 2020

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Following on from the article we published in September concerning the filing of qualified reports via mySRA, the SRA have confirmed that 30 September was the final deadline for filing via email under the old system.

The SRA website has been updated accordingly. 

How to submit a report

Reports must be submitted via mySRA, the deadline for submitting them via email was the end of September 2020.

Accountants can continue to use the Accountants Report Form (AR1) form to provide information on unqualified reports to clients, these do not need to be provided to the SRA, unless requested by the SRA.

Accountants can also use the AR1 form to give qualified reports. These should be uploaded to mySRA by the reporting accountant, or by the SRA authorised firm. You should add the AR1 form as an attachment when you make the declaration.

Contact the SRA if you have questions before you submit a qualified accountant's report.