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Implications of the new Accounts Rules for Reporting Accountants and COFAs

This webinar will aim to examine the key points that have arisen from the 2016 SRA consultation regarding Accounts Rules, and the effects that any changes may have for law firms and Reporting Accountants.

Specific content will be affected by the outcome of the consultation and any pronouncement from the SRA in the interim.

The SRA have undertaken a review of these rules in an attempt to “rationalise and simplify” them. Their main objectives include the removal of any unnecessary restrictions or unneeded details, whilst continuing to ensure the safety of customers’ money.

The proposed changes should make it easier for new entrants to the market to understand what is required of them, as well as simplification from the customers’ point of view so that they have a better understanding of what to expect when a firm is handling their money.

This webinar will aim to highlight the changes made by the SRA to the set of Accounts Rules, and to further discuss the areas of your business that might be effected by potential changes. Furthermore, we will look to provide advice on how you can operate more effectively and efficiently under the guidance of the new rules as a result of their simplification.