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Film studio revenue

The financial performance of the major studios for the quarter ending December 2014 is explored, weighing up the sides in the perpetual tug of war between complimentary forces of content and distribution.

Ranked by percentage operating profit, Viacom (owner of Paramount Pictures) is the leading December 2014 performer, generating operating profit at 28% of total revenues. It is followed by the Walt Disney Company (owner of Walt Disney Studios) at 26% and 21st Century Fox (owner of Twentieth Century Fox) at 23% These three leaders are trailed by Comcast (owner of Universal Pictures) at 22%, Time Warner (owner of Warner Bros) at 18%, and Sony (owner of Columbia Pictures), trailing at 7% of revenues.

In contrast, the most profitable film unit is Disney with operating profit of 29%, followed by Fox at 12%, Warner Bros at 8%, Universal at 6%, Sony at 1%, and Paramount recording a loss of 8%. Other than Disney, all film units generated a lower operating margin than their consolidated group.