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Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in leadership.

Make your meetings productive

Steven G Rogelberg advises on facilitating productive meetings in this extract from his book, The Surprising Science of Meetings.

Make your meetings better

Matthew Leitch looks at some of the most common and important challenges when steering meetings through uncertainty and risk

Tom Miller profile

Tom Miller always wanted to be an entrepreneur - even if that meant experiencing a few bumps along the way. Joy Persaud finds out how training as an ACA turned out to be the perfect ingredient for his success.

Habits of the successful CFO

The CFO role has never been so powerful – or so challenging. Christian Doherty looks at what today’s CFOs are bringing to the job and what attributes the next generation needs to succeed.

Coping with volatility

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution bringing significant changes, leaders may struggle to cope. Nick Seneca Jankel provides advice on dealing with the new age

Cognitive leadership skills

What happens to people in finance when they learn to channel their cognitive skills in leadership? You end up with what John Knights calls ‘transpersonal leaders’

Courageous Leadership

Courage is one of the skills that great leaders are deemed to need and perhaps the most important. This report covers the key areas that leaders might want to focus on.

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