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About sustainability

Sustainability describes a world where resources are at least maintained and which does not live by eating into its capital, whether natural, economic, social or human.

It sees business as connected with communities and the natural world. Business functions in a wider society and contributes to it. Business and society are not separate and, in fact, rely on each other to work.

Our ambition is to change behaviour to drive sustainable outcomes. To do this, we aim to be bold, radical and open-minded. The unifying theme of our work is exploring how organisations and markets are motivated to deliver sustainable outcomes and what the role of information flows is in that. We aim to be at the forefront of thinking and action in sustainability focussing on how organisations embrace it in their activities.

We’re looking at and thinking about many different aspects in sustainability:

  • The concept of natural capital and how it is applied in finance and business
  • The future of the financial system
  • How to help our members in accounting & sustainability
  • How the economic system can support sustainable outcomes
  • The role of social enterprises in developing sustainable communities
  • Systems change
  • Innovation processes
  • Using creative thinking to tackle important issues
  • Supporting communities of change-makers