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Latest climate news from our Insights section

Read the latest articles on climate change from our Insights section.

Reflections from Davos

4 February 2020: Michael Izza looks back on a climate-themed week at the World Economic Forum.

Climate change: from slow burner to raging fire

31 January 2020: environmental risks occupy all five of the top spots for likelihood in the latest ‘Global Risks Report’ from the World Economic Forum. “Climate change is striking harder and more rapidly than many expected,” the report warns.

Five reasons ICAEW attends the World Economic Forum

21 January 2020: as bookings for private jet charter soar in the build-up to Davos, many will ask: “What was the hype all about?” Here are five reasons our CEO, Michael Izza, attends the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Annual Meeting each year (and not on a private jet).

SMEs: are you professionally ready for climate change?

15 January 2020: viewing your business through the lens of climate change will produce surprising results. Relentless flooding, extreme coastal conditions and super-hot days that cause systems to fail are not just uncomfortable, they are a risk to business. Getting ready is a professional imperative.

Climate change disclosures: what your business needs to know

8 January 2020: climate change poses serious risks to businesses, and investors and financial markets are demanding to know which companies are most exposed to this risk and which are best prepared to take action. Here’s what your business needs to know.