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Over the last year, ICAEW has interviewed a number of SMEs across the UK in search for inspiring stories of businesses who have built resilience and long term strategy into their business models.

Knowing that we all learn best by example, ICAEW has interviewed key staff at a number of SMEs that have built resilience and long-term strategic thinking into their business models. They have all embraced sustainable business thought and practices and are seeing measurable, positive outcomes.

They share their inspirational stories with Just Good Business and we share them with you.

The films

Here are a few case studies that stood out from the crowd, modelling sustainability in all aspects of their businesses:

Rather than optimising every individual element in a process, Riversimple takes a 'whole system' approach and clearly demonstrates that sustainable business is very much for SMEs, not just big businesses

By looking after employees and, by extension, its clients, Wilson James has built a strong base for the future.