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MTD tools and resources

Useful resources, including a the timeline for MTD and webinars from ICAEW to support agents, individuals and businesses in meeting the requirements of MTD.

MTD timeline

  April 2016  April 2017 April 2018 April 2019 April 2020
Income tax May 2016 Private beta launched Control go live launched
From Autumn 2017 Public beta/ongoing pilot Potential mandation for some/all of income tax 

Until Autumn 2017 Design, policy, legislation

Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Technical private beta

Spring 2018 Public beta Service go live (for those above VAT threshold)
Potential mandation (for above VAT threshold)
Corporation Tax  Timings for corporation tax to be confirmed Potential mandation for corporation tax


Demystifying MTD webinar series 

Page last updated

9 January 2018

ICAEW is running a series of webinars designed to help businesses, agents and individuals transition to the MTD requirements and ensure members stay informed of the latest developments.

Keeping safe in a digital tax world webinar

Caroline Miskin, Technical Manager, Practitioner Support at ICAEW Tax Faculty, and the IT Faculty's Mark Taylor look at the latest cyber security scams and touch on the government’s plans for Making Tax Digital.

Cash basis of accounting webinar

Anita Monteith, Technical Lead & Senior Policy Adviser at ICAEW Tax Faculty, revisits the cash basis of accounting and provides a reminder of the eligibility criteria, the implications of electing to use the cash basis and the necessary adjustments when transitioning between the accruals and cash basis.

Glossary of MTD terms

TAXguide 02/18: Demystifying Making Tax Digital - The VAT requirements - Webinar Q&A

In TAXguide 02/18, Sarah Ghaffari answers a selection of the key questions raised by viewers of the Tax Faculty webinar ‘Demystifying Making Tax Digital: the VAT requirements’, broadcast on 16 January 2018

TAXguide 01/17: Let property

Guidance from ICAEW Tax Faculty on tax issues connected with let residential property from the point of view of the landlord. This guide covers new rules for the deduction of finance charges, which come into effect from 6 April 2017 and is aimed at practitioners who are advising individuals who have bought property as an investment, rather than commercial property development businesses.