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TAXguide 04/20 HMRC digital services for agents

HMRC has an ongoing programme of digitalising its services, including for agents. This guide provides an update on this programme.


TAXguide 04/20

Tax Faculty members can download this guidance in full.


HMRC’s strategy for agent services is:

  • Agents will be able to see and do everything that their clients can see and do and agent access will be embedded from conception in the design of new services. Exceptions will be where security considerations mean that the transaction needs to be completed by the client.
  • Services for tax agents will be digital by default and made available via commercial software where possible (ie, HMRC will develop digital services itself only where no commercial solution is possible).
  • A digital agent account (the agent services account) will link all agent and client information and capture all of an agent’s interactions with HMRC.

HMRC acknowledges that there is a lot more work to be done to make this strategy a reality. This guide explains the HMRC digital services available to tax agents, how they can be accessed and the latest information on how HMRC intends to develop services in the future. HMRC digital forms for agents are covered in a separate guide.