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TAXguide 05/20 HMRC digital forms for agents

HMRC has digitalised many of the forms it provides to facilitate transactions, but often these forms are not available to authorised agents. While HMRC is taking steps to rectify this, the Tax Faculty has created this TAXguide to provide a list of links to the digital forms that can be accessed by agents.


TAXguide 05/20

Tax Faculty members can download this guidance in full.

A number of different technologies are used by HMRC to develop forms: structured email forms, iforms and gforms.

New forms are being developed using gform technology. These newest forms are available to agents, as well as taxpayers, and have the following functionality: 

  • Partly completed forms can be saved and retrieved later.
  • Each screen has to be completed before proceeding to the next page. This is due to the dynamic nature of the forms (ie, the questions asked are determined by answers already given).
  • The forms can be submitted online.
  • Agents are provided with a temporary access key which allows them to have multiple versions of the form as work in progress for different clients.

This guide lists and provides links to the digital forms available to agents.