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TAXline: May 2017

In this issue of the Tax Faculty's monthly magazine: Caroline Miskin explains how the critieria for self assessment filing are changing; the Office of Tax Simplification's Nigel Mellor asks for your thoughts on VAT; and Peter Bickley provides an overview of important changes relating to disguised remuneration and off-payroll working.

The things worrying tax practitioners in 2017 
Rebecca Benneyworth on some of the issues concerning practitioners at the moment, including MTD, VAT thresholds and HMRC quarterly updates.

Meet the Employment Taxes and NIC Committee
Ken Voller, director of Tax Business, explains the work of this Tax Faculty committee and how practitioners can get involved.

More tax rules for employers in England and Wales
Peter Bickley highlights two important April 2017 tax changes to rules governing disguised remuneration and off-payroll working.

International: tax notes from Down Under
ICAEW Tax Faculty’s Ian Young reports on a recent trip to Australia, where he discussed challenges for the profession, including: ethics, professional standards, digitalisation and tax simplification.

Self assessment tax: who's in and who's out?
Caroline Miskin explains how the criteria for self assessment filing are changing in 2017.

Online filing exclusions for self-assessment returns
The government’s new dividend and savings income tax changes have proved too complicated for HMRC to compute, explains Tim Good.

How can we simplify VAT?
Nigel Mellor wants tax practitioners’ views on the Office of Tax Simplification’s project to assess the effectiveness of the VAT system.

May 2017 issue of TAXline

May 2017

Members of the Tax Faculty can download a PDF of the entire May 2017 edition of TAXline.