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Exploring executive pay

Elizabeth Richards considers executive pay, ICAEW’s latest thought leadership programme, Connect and Reflect, and how you can contribute

Taxline image ending excessICAEW would like to hear what members and business think about corporate governance today. Here, we explain the background to ICAEW’s Connect and Reflect thought leadership programme and how you can contribute.

Business leaders often feel aggrieved that the reputation of UK Plc is disproportionately tarnished by extortionate executive pay and aggressive tax avoidance. The media and the public have insatiable appetites for these stories as they lie at the heart of the relationship between business and society. Social media is an effective tool for tax shaming, and tax and pay (at the top and bottom) are treated as moral issues. The traumatic experiences of whistleblowers seem to underline what the majority think they have secretly known all along: business is corrupt and only capable of prioritising growth and profits.