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TAXline News: September 2018

Frank Haskew, Head of the Tax Faculty, reports on recent developments at the Tax Faculty during September 2018.

The Tax Faculty’s annual Wyman Symposium was held on 11 July 2018 on the subject ‘Employment status – what’s the answer?’. My thanks go to our panel of experts, Rebecca Benneyworth, David Heaton, Judith Freedman and Keith Gordon, for what were very thoughtprovoking and passionate speeches. We also had a good discussion over questions – many thanks to Mary Monfries for chairing that discussion. There is a full report of the symposium in last month’s TAXline.

We published two very different but important works in July. First, a report prepared jointly with Chartered Accountants Ireland on helping businesses navigate Brexit. Although the report focuses on UK/Irish trade in goods, the principles apply to all trading between the UK and EU member states. Second, we published a new thought leadership paper on the future of business rates. Written by our fellow technical department manager John Boulton, it sets out the hard choices facing business rates in the digital age where bricks and mortar businesses are being squeezed by the internet. We would welcome your comments and thoughts. Please send them to John using the links on our website. All our recent publications and where to find them are listed on page 7.