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TAXtalk December 2018 - How to get help from ICAEW for your tax, and other, questions

Welcome to TAXtalk, a free series of monthly discussions about topical tax issues streamed live over the web. Each session takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 12:30-13:00.

This month Anita Monteith will be joined by Azhar Baig, ICAEW Head of Technical Advisory and Enquiry Services and Peter Bickley, Technical Manager, Tax Faculty for the December 2018 edition of TAXtalk.

The discussion will focus on the tax help and support ICAEW offers its members through the Technical Advisory and Enquiry Service, as well as the additional resources on offer exclusively to Tax Faculty members and members of Faculties online.

Azhar will explain, for example, how his team helps members who encounter money laundering issues as well as other technical challenges facing companies of different sizes, such as where the tax treatment is different for small, medium and large companies, and for which ICAEW.com has its Small and micro size company calculator.

The team will also discuss some of the questions Azhar's team has been receiving on Making Tax Digital (MTD). Although ICAEW's technical advisory service isn't able to answer specific client related tax questions, it can help with where the answer might be found, and for more widespread issues, it can alert the Tax Faculty to look for a solution.

Recent work on engagement letters by Azhar and Peter has led to an updated version for MTD which will be released shortly.

In addition to member services, we will also be discussing the progress of the Finance Bill and the challenge of getting draft clauses changed.

If you have any questions or would like to raise any specific points for discussion please email us at taxfac@icaew.com.

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