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Cloud computing articles

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Accelerate your evolution

Decisions on investment in technology today will shape how well you can exploit it tomorrow – inside and outside your practice.

The common tech challenges for accountants

Jessica Pillow offers her takeaways from the Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference, which showed that accountants have common ground when it comes to tech issues.

In case of emergency

Financial Services Faculty FS Focus

What more could have been done to lessen the effects of the attack?

The right security approach

Improving your office operations may be just an app away. Whether it’s collaboration, file sharing, instant messaging or productivity solutions, here we profile seven apps on the market.

Byte size: Tech news roundup

A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes enhancements to Bluetooth, statistics on the usage of artificial intelligence, and a teenager earning a ‘bug bounty’ for finding a flaw in FaceTime.

Behind the clouds: Getting the hang of cloud computing

Develop your awareness of cloud computing and its risks, with Peter Mandich’s introduction to the faculty’s new report for internal auditors.

Introducing Figured

David Kirby Farming and Rural Business Community News February 2019

Figured is a platform that provides a single source of truth for collectively making financial decisions.

Untangling your data

Derek Blair of Pinkham Blair explores the ample market opportunities to be found in helping businesses untangle their data, including explaining the term ‘data plumbing’.

The seven technologies transforming finance work

Disruptive technologies are creating opportunities for accountants to use their skills in faster and more efficient ways. Tim Leung, Management Consultant at Deloitte, outlines the key technologies which the big four firm believes are transforming finance in his webinar: "Visualising finance transformation in a digital world".

Practice 2018

Matt Flanagan Practicewire August 2018

Digital and Cloud Accounting - 5 KPIs all firms should monitor regularly

Cover story: How ICAEW can become leaders in the digital space

Paul Aplin Chartech July/August 2018

As Paul Aplin becomes ICAEW president he sets out his priorities. He talks about why digital is crucial, how technology is changing audit, how artificial intelligence is impacting businesses and how the pace of change is approaching revolution.

Are You Suffering From Digital Paralysis?

Practicewire June 2018

Wandering around Accountex in May, I had brief conversations with a variety of tech vendors and consultants. What struck me was how many of them were convinced that cloud accounting has really only just started to scratch the surface of the UK public practice industry.

How are the Big Four in tech using artificial intelligence?

The so-called Big Four in tech – Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple – have been using artificial intelligence to further their ambitions in different ways.

Playing Santa - Christmas gift guide 2018

Playing the role of Santa can be hard, and buying for family members who are accountants can be especially difficult. Here are a few fun, practical suggestions for even the most discerning of tastes!

Banking on the cloud

Tim Fouracre Chartech July / August 2017

Tim Fouracre explores the notion of accounting banks and how they could revolutionise the way we manage our finances in the future.

Not just a silver lining

David Adams Business and Management April 2016

New technologies can yield big improvements in productivity, but what does this mean for the back office in practice? David Adams finds out.

Cloud computing: Weighing up the pros and cons

ICAEW Library and Information Service October 2015

With the current hype surrounding cloud computing you don't need to be particularly tech-savvy to have heard of this latest technology trend. The term is being applied to a huge range of IT products and services, but what exactly is cloud computing and is it right for your business?

Do cloud-based packages meet the needs of farmers?

A range of new online cloud-based accounts software programs have been launched into the market place recently making it easier to access your accounts from any computer or device with an internet connection. But just how suitable is a general accounts package for the farming industry?

Head in the clouds

Tim Phillips Business and Management October 2015

Moving to the cloud isn’t an easy decision to make, but Tim Phillips explores why it could be best for your business.

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