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COVID reveals the benefits of cloud working

Oliver Deacon

29 May: Businesses have been forced to adapt their ways of working almost overnight in light of the coronavirus lockdowns and those with cloud-based systems had a significant head start.

Data analytics software for business

The recent pace of technological changes and increasing volumes of data being dealt with, has created a need for finance professionals to be able to manipulate and analyse data to aid in-depth insights, improve financial reporting and ultimately facilitate better business decision making.

What do you want to see in a "global view" of your clients?

A practice management system becomes ever more important in the accounting practice, even more so with remote working. What defines a practice management system can differ substantially from one firm to another, and even accountants in the same practice will have differing opinions!

Bring the broadband: can better connectivity level up Britain’s economy?

25 February 2020: the government’s pledge to ensure every UK household and business has access to gigabit-capable broadband is ambitious, but could play a large part in its goal to “level up” the economy. How feasible are these plans, and what benefits could it bring UK PLC? William Ham Bevan investigates.

Are you being served by your IT provider?

Smaller practices need to consider carefully how to find the IT provider that works best for them. David Styles has some tips.

How to make app stacks work for you and your client

Our new columnist, MHA Carpenter Box partner Nathan Keeley, explains the benefits of building tailored app stacks for clients

Accountants: the bank managers of the future?

Mark Taylor

11 February 2020: the soaring popularity of cloud software and a raft of new financial tools have added an extra dimension to how accountants can operate in today’s market. With traditional banks struggling to keep pace, will accountants step in to become the trusted advice provider for UK SMEs? Mark Taylor reports.

How to survive accountancy’s remote working battleground

10 February 2020: cloud accounting tools have brought many benefits to accountants, including the ability to work from anywhere. But in a profession that struggles to switch off at the best of times, is this newfound flexibility always an advantage?

Staffing: joiners, leavers and the IT implications

When staff join or leave the practice or business, the process is no longer as simple as obtaining or issuing a P45. All the IT resources need “setting up” or “disabling” – but even disabling is not necessarily the end of the story.

How many software products are in use and how are they launched

A headline in January 2020 stated that the government is to invest £40m in simplifying an ageing and complex technology estate that it claims requires NHS staff to log into as many as 15 separate IT systems.

Cover story: Clearing the fog of cyber security

George Quigley Chartech November/December 2019

George Quigley takes a look at the murky topic of cloud security, including what you need to understand about cloud service providers and your responsibilities when using one.

Managing lack of transparency and overslight with the cloud

Cloud technology holds a lot of promise, but a lack of transparency and oversight could lead to problems. Neil Christie explains how to avoid these issues.

Byte size: Tech news roundup

A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes La Liga being fined €250,000 for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation, marketers needing new ways to get the attention of generation Z, and companies struggling to fill digital roles.

The common tech challenges for accountants

Jessica Pillow offers her takeaways from the Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference, which showed that accountants have common ground when it comes to tech issues.

In case of emergency

Financial Services Faculty FS Focus April 2019

What more could have been done to lessen the effects of the attack?

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