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Predictions 2020: What's going to happen in cloud computing

Article looks at developments in cloud computing for 2020 as predicted by experts in the field.

Key differences between cloud storage offerings

This article looks at what to consider when choosing a cloud storage provider. It states the key choices are: range of services; backup services; location.

Top 5 cloud storage pitfalls

Article looks at how to avoid the key challenges and pitfalls in cloud storage: unexpected costs; creeping complexity; data movement; cloud security.

Public cloud computing gains currency in its journey to the core of banking

The article discusses that banks are no longer reluctant to make use of cloud as the technology pierces the outer layer of the banking sector. It mentions the emergence of these tech-led challengers, many of which exist only in the cloud, means consumers have more choice and have become more demanding; and also mentions the cloud enabled these challengers to transition rapidly from idea to regulated finance provider.

Delivering cloud in the financial services sector

The article reports that the financial services community has become one of cloud’s keenest users, as regulator attitudes to the technology relax to find how its appetite for digital transformation is perceived. It mentions that the financial data is very valuable and sensitive to move off-premise and entrust to the public cloud. It further reports that the number of financial services organisations had small pockets of cloud use emerging at the time.

How can enterprises keep cloud costs in check?

The article presents information on the ways business enterprises can control their cloud computing costs. Topics discussed include the use of cloud for business agility and competitive reasons, total cost of ownership over the life of the application, and cloud administrators' focus on doing everything as infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Online accounting software: three firms share their journeys into the cloud

The article presents case studies of accounting firms who were successful through technology using cloud computing software. Software services included payroll management, servicing remote clients, and doing bill payment, software products included Xero, QuckBooks Online, and Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Cloud bursting: What it is and how to do it

The article discusses the pitfalls to cloud bursting, a process in cloud computing where some workloads in a private cloud are moved to a public cloud for a temporary period to deal with peaks in information technology (IT) demand. Topics covered include managing peaks in website traffic with on-demand infrastructure, impact of cloud bursting on data storage, locking process in metadata management and cloud bursting storage solutions.

Choosing the right kind of hybrid cloud management

The article offers information on various factors that businesses should consider to solve their cloud management challenges using hybrid cloud management (HCM) solutions.

Cloud compliance in the age of GDPR

The article offers information on the businesses that are among Europe’s leading adopters of cloud storage and computing. The ongoing process of cloud compliance is looked at, including auditing internal processes and framework standard for GDPR ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 are mentioned.

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