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ICAEW Launches new service to future-proof the profession

ICAEW has launched a new technology service to support the global accounting profession to stay up to date with new and emerging technologies, to defend against and leverage digital disruption facing the profession.

Digital Essentials is an online subscription service available to professional accountancy organisations, firms, networks and businesses, providing access to technical and practical resources designed to help future-proof professional accountants and ready the profession for the digital age.

Digital Essentials

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Richard Anning, Head of ICAEW’s Tech Faculty said ‘many industries are witnessing the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence and other new and disruptive technologies impinging the domain of human workers. From our thought leadership work, it’s clear the coming years will only see more technology and intelligent systems take over more decision-making from humans’.

However, as Richard reassures, this is not cause for panic as ‘accountants have been using technology for years. We need to recognise the strengths and limits of technology and determine the best ways for humans and computers to work together, to continue to support our businesses and clients, and more broadly to maintain public confidence in finance and accounting, and work toward a world of strong economies’.

Meeting this challenge head on, ICAEW’s leading experts designed Digital Essentials; a convenient and user-friendly online portal providing high quality technical resources and guidance for finance and accountancy organisations of any size, helping keep pace with change, and providing technology-focused CPD and technical guidance.

Digital Essentials brings together ICAEW’s depth of resources on all things technology, covering a range of topics including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security and Data Analytics, and  provides on-demand access to articles and blogs, webinars and recordings, industry commentary and expert guidance on future impacts to the profession, emerging technologies, new skills and ways of working.

Digital Essentials joins ICAEW’s International Standards service, drawing on trusted, globally-recognised technical experts in Audit and Assurance and Financial Reporting to offer world-class resources supporting the implementation of international standards on accounting, auditing and ethics.

To learn more about Digital Essentials or International Standards, to request a free trial and see how these services may benefit your organisation please visit icaew.com/knowhow, email knowhow@icaew.com or phone Trevor Dean on +44 (0)20 7920 8528.