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Excel Community round-up - August 2021

Author: David Lyford-Smith

Published: 01 Sep 2021

Here are all the new Excel articles and webinars from the Excel Community in August 2021. Posts marked as public can be accessed by anyone; other articles are accessible to Excel Community & Tech Faculty subscribers and can be accessed by logging in to your ICAEW account.

Excel Tip of the Week

405 – DATEDIF redux (public)

We examine the troubled date-difference calculation function, and some more reliable alternatives.

406 – Power Pivot: Filtering active contracts

Want to see only the active contracts based on start and end dates? We have you covered.

407 – Ranking within a group

Find out the top invoices per customer with this simple formula workaround.

408 – Data structure good practices

Learn our tips for how to lay out your data for maximum effectiveness.

409 – Controls redux

Make scroll wheels, buttons, checkboxes and more.

Other blogs

Models with S-curves

Liam Bastick shows how to make the popular S-shaped distribution of costs over time.

Multiple Sparklines in a single cell

Can you even make two Sparklines at once? Simon Hurst explores some creative solutions.

Excel Navigation pane breaks new ground

Simon looks at some of the handy features of the new Navigation pane.

Exploring Charts (Graphs) in Excel – 8: Best practice in layout and recycling charts

John Tennent shows you how to make the most of your charts.

Intro to Financial Modelling – Part 19: Wrap-up (public)

Andrew Paw of Protiviti reviews the last eighteen months’ worth of our blogs exploring the Financial Modelling Code.

Bloomberg highlights importance of Excel skills for employment prospects

Simon responds to a recent media article about the continued demand for basic Excel skills.

Excel community

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